RecruitEurope! - Network of University Agents

What is RecruitEurope!?

Europe is a growing and solid market for university recruitment.

“RecruitEurope! - Network of University Agents” is a network of high quality European educational agents.

RecruitEurope! was founded in spring 2009 by leading European recruitment agencies:

Germany and Austria:  IEC - International Education Centre          

Denmark:                   EDU Danmark

We work together to constantly improve our products and services to both students and our university partners. Working with RecruitEurope! partners will ensure that you work with quality agencies and at the same time make your access to key European markets much easier.

Our common background

Even though different, the members of RecruitEurope! share have many years of recruitment experience. We are well-established agencies fully focused within the field of tertiary education. All members have a proven track record in recruiting students from European countries.

In our respective markets, we can provide you with essential background information, knowledge and understanding. Our members have played a major role in the entry strategies of universities from Australia, New Zealand and North America in the European market. This experience will be valuable to those interested in entering our markets.

How can YOU work with RecruitEurope!?

RecruitEurope! gives you access to a number of European markets through its members.

- You decide if you want to work with one or more members of RecruitEurope!

- Every agent has a yearly marketing plan, which offers a range of tailored marketing activities for each market.

Contact the members of RecruitEurope!

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If you have any questions and would like to get in touch with RecruitEurope!, please contact us!